Saturday, 31 March 2012

My group came up with no designs as just when we were going to do it, Yong Hong asked us to do research on what makes a good chuck glider. However, while all of my group members were hard at work, one of my group members was playing with google SketchUp and although we tried to persuade him to do the task at hand, he just could not be bothered and he continued playing with google SketchUp.
However, our search for answers were futile and we could not find anything useful. When we had to go up to present, just as we were about to start, Yong Hong ask us to stop and go to the other side of the room as Mr Tan had a briefing for us. When I knew that there were going to many exciting activities this year, I was elated! But sadly, most of the activities are for the Sec 2s.